About Us

The Route 66 Association of Missouri is a non-profit corporation established to preserve, promote, and develop Historic Route 66 (“The Main Street of America”) in the Show-Me State. To serve this purpose, the Association …

* Acts as an umbrella organization for cooperative promotions, distribution of educational data and information, and consolidation and sharing of resources regarding old Route 66 in Missouri.

* Functions as liaison with state and federal agencies conducting studies for recognition, preservation and support.
* Makes presentations to various groups interested in learning about old Route 66.

* Maintains a library for educational, historical and informational resources about old Route 66 in Missouri, and pertinent information on the role of the Road in the seven other states it crossed.

* Develops and distributes an Association magazine along with various educational brochures, maps, public information and other resources about old Route 66 in Missouri.

* Identifies sites of historic or cultural significance along the Road and promotes local efforts to preserve these sites.

* Encourages donations and contributions in support of statewide efforts.

* Solicits Association memberships, and maintains a directory of individual, family, life and business members.

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